Friday, 18 November 2016

November 2016

Hi from everyone in First Class!
We have been so busy this month with lots of exciting learning and activities taking place at Shaheeda Zainab School. Take a look to see what we have been up to in the pat month!

In our maths classes we have been busy bees consolidating our number work to 20. We have enjoyed playing lots of fun games in class and working very hard to know all the number combinations to 20!

We have also been learning about pattern and had great fun making our own patterns using lots of manipulatives! Take a look below!

It has been a very enjoyable month in our literacy classes. We have been taking part in paired reading with a Transition Year class from Riversdale Secondary School. Each week the boys and girls get very excited when the visitors arrive to our class and take part in paired reading with us. We are reading the book " The Day the Crayons Quit" and doing some fun activities too! Take a look!

We did some fun Autumn writing too, the boys and girls went outside to choose a "magic leaf" which could take them anywhere. They then wrote about it, We are now finished working on "Recount Writing" and have moved onto "Procedural writing in First Class for the next month. Here is a picture of us getting our magic leaves for our story.

First Class are wonderful writers and should continue to write at home as often as they can. Getting your child a free writing copy at home where they can write their own stories is highly recommended! We also took part in a handwriting competition recently. We had to write a poem in English and Arabic. We received wonderful news during the week that a girl in our class was highly commended and came in 3rd place! We are very proud of her, well done!
We are scientists in First Class! One topic we  were learning about was how materials change when heated. We made pancakes in school to learn all about this. The boys and girls learned many new words and of course we enjoyed eating them too!

As well as all this learning , we managed to squeeze in Maths week where did some maths games and a maths hunt, Science week was wonderful as a Lego Workshop visited our school and we made catapults! We also have been very creative during art class. . . take a look below!


In Arabic this month we have enjoyed practising Arabic and reading our book for this month. We learned so many new sounds, words and Arabic stories. It has been great fun and we are hard workers during Arabic class.

Note from Miss Lynch
Please ensure your child has the correct pencils, rubbers etc in school with them every day. Power hour is ongoing in our class. We love getting new books each week! Please ensure that parents sign the power hour sheet each night when you read with your child . It is important that you read with your child and make reading an enjoyable experience for them.

Monday, 3 October 2016

First Class September 2016

What a busy month we have had here in First Class at Shaheeda Zainab Primary School. We have been busy settling into our new classroom and trying our very best to follow the "Rainbow Fish Rules" so that our classroom is a happy and fun place to be. We have been learning lots of new things in many subjects. Below are some snapshots of some of the learning that has taken place over the past month, we hope you enjoy our blog!

We have been learning about all the different types of houses people can live in. One day we went on a "House Hunt" around the school grounds and we also got to go to a housing estate near our school! It was great fun and we spotted lots of different types of houses.

In History we have been learning about the past,present and future. We brought in old toys from when we were younger and also some gorgeous photos of when we were babies. We had fun using the artefacts in our class and asking each other questions about our special items from the past.
What fantastic writers we have in First Class! The past month we have been focusing on "Recount" writing. We have written many recount pieces. We really had fun writing about our "Roald Day Day" at school.

We love number work in First Class! Some of the topics we have been learning about include ordinal number and making different number combinations to make a given number using lots of fun games!

Learning about our senses was one topic we learned about in Science. We loved doing our popcorn experiment to test our 5 senses! We used our sense of sight, smell, touch,hearing  and last but not least taste!! Yummy!

Our First Class at Shaheeda Zainab Primary School had fantastic Eid celebration. with Ustatha Seham and Ustatha Saadia. 

First class also have their very own Arabic Library and are having lots of fun reading during Arabic class.