Monday, 13 February 2017

January/February in First Class

 Hello from everyone in First Class. We are back into the swing of learning after our holidays which are a distant memory now. All the boys and girls are working hard and learning so much in all the curricular areas. Have a look below to see what has been going on in our class.

Art and Drama
We learned all about the Antarctic and the Arctic in S.E.S.E. We learned about the explorer Ernest Shackelton and made his ship using fabric. We also painted a landscape of the Arctic. 
The ship "The Endurance"

Arctic landscape

 In drama, we have been doing a topic all about Pirates. The boys and girls have been busy pretending to be pirates and following maps to find the hidden treasure!

We also learned about the "Inuit People" who live in the North Pole areas. We designed some parkas that they wear during Art class.

Science has been great fun. We are learning all about magnets!

We are still enjoying our visits from the transition year students for paired reading every Thursday. We have started reading a new book called "The Day the Crayons Came Home". We are having a great time reading and learning. We completed an art project together when we finished our last book.

We have started story writing in First Class. The children are busy each week thinking of characters, settings, problems and solutions to include in their stories. Please encourage your child to write stories at home too!
Here is an an example of one of our fabulous story maps. We plan our stories first and then write them. We think Roald Dahl must have been a great story planner too!

We are wonderful mathematicians in First Class. The childrens awareness of number to 100 is fantastic. We love playing games in Maths and have been covering lots of topics in the past month including Time, Money, Capacity and Number Operations. The boys and girls have started learning their doubles tables this week and will be learning a new plus tables  family each week. This week is +1 so please help your child by encouraging them at home to learn them. 

We are doing Outdoor and Adventure Activities for P.E. The children are really enjoying the orienteering strand of this.
Have a look below!


By Allah's Grace and Mercy, we 1st class at Shaheeda Zainab School have completed in January memorise Juz 
Ammah Alhamdulillah!! We learned our Tajweed rules very well.. We enjoyed learning  tafseer and the meaning, as well as stories in our lessons. We did very well and we started to memories Juz Tabarak 29th Alhamdulillah.. We received our new Quran book.  we are looking forward to completing Juz Tabarak by July this year In-ShaAllah.. Well done First Class, keep up the great work!


 We have been practising our Arabic dictation in first class which is called إملاء . This helps us learn short sounds in a fun way in our class each week!! We had so much fun!!!