Thursday, 30 March 2017

Our Learning in 1st Class-March 2017

                                   Spring is Here!
1st class have been springing into step when it comes to their learning during the month of March. Lots of fun has been had when learning about a variety of topics at Shaheeda Zainab School. Take a ;look at what has been happening in our class.

We have covered a lot of topics since you visited our blog last. 

 1st class are consolidating their sense of numbers to 100 and have been working hard to develop mental strategies for learning addition and subtraction. Our favourite has to be using our doubles and doubles plus 1 to help us learn our tables. Please keep helping your child to learn their tables each night.

We are also learning about many other topics such as length. The children are enjoying learning how to estimate, measure and record lengths of different things using non-standard units such as cubes and lollipop sticks.

We are focusing on a different genre of writing every month. This month we are looking at Writing to Socialise.Texts used to socialise help children to maintain or enhance relationships with friends or family. 

We have written a number of writing pieces such as postcards, thank you notes and text messages.

We are looking forward to writing phone messages and emails before the end of term!


The topic this month is printing. The boys and girls have enjoyed using a variety of printing tools to test out their printing skills.
We were very creative in 1st class using everyday items, cardboard,wool and bubble wrap to create printing pictures. We are going to use styrofoam next week!

and Active Flag
We are trying our very best to achieve the Active Schools Flag in our school. Lots of new initiatives have been put in place like Super Troopers, Active Bell, Active Line, Friday Fun Run, Bizzy Breaks and lots more! We also started  
Let’s Get Active- The 4 week activity challenge this week.This is a fun way to encourage children to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day by recording (in your pocket planners) how much activity they do each day. After 4 weeks, they will be awarded with a certificate of achievement and a special sports guest is going to come to our school to do an Ultimate Frisbee taster session to mark this achievement.
Please keep an eye on our active school flag blog post too! It takes a lot of effort to achieve the active flag and we are delighted to see so many parents joining us for Friday Fun Run. We would love if all parents came along and got involved as it sends out a great message to your children about being healthy and active individuals

We started Juz 29 تبارك. We learned some more Tafseer and stories mentioned in the Quran. We enjoyed learning Sura المدثر and Surah المزمل .. We have learned half of Juz تبارك and we are excited to complete the Juz In-ShaAllah. We continue to revise Juz Ammah. We are ready to take part in the Quran competition In-ShaAllah in April



We have learned so much in Arabic. We enjoyed learning Maths الجمع addition in Arabic. We learned to count to 299. We practiced our Arabic reading book, we enjoyed reading (آداب الطعام)  and (آداب النوم) according to our Deen and Sunnah.We did really well in our Friday Arabic spelling test الإملاء..  We enjoyed having an Arabic conversation with each other, that was really fun!  We enjoyed our Arabic movie time

 Islamic Studies
In Islamic Studies, we learnt about Allah`s power and creation, Wadu(ablution), Adhan and Iqamah, names of the prayers, rakat of prayers, how prayer is formed, At-Tashahud and salutation on prophet. We are working hard and really enjoying our Islamic studies classes.

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