Friday, 5 May 2017

All About April in First Class

Summer is upon us and we hope you are all enjoying the fantastic weather! Below are some of the wonderful learning that has taken place in First Class over the past month. Active Schools Week took place at the end of April and boy oh boy was it fun! Take a look below to see what we have been up to!
In Maths class we focused on Operations and Place Value. The children have been working on using mental strategies to add and subtract within 100. Things like adding in tens is a great trick to use and knowing that if you can add 10 then adding 9 is simple too!Please help your children to use mental strategies to add and subtract!

We are busy as ever in English class. Not only have we been busy writing but we have also gotten a visit from the mobile library bus. It will come to visit our school every second week and saying we love to seen it coming is a huge understatement! We have finished getting powerhour books home now in First Class but the children will be bringing library books home instead. Happy reading everyone!

In S.E.S.E we are learning all about Ireland and becoming familiar with the History of Ireland too. The boys and girls have been busy learning the provinces and we are working on the counties. There are a lot to remember! We learned all about spring and went on flower hunt  We are also very excited as we have started planting lots of vegetables with the Riversdale students every Thursday. We definitely have green fingers now!Take a look!

This month our topic in Art is Fabric and Fibre so we will be exploring using different types of fabric and fibre to create art pieces. Have a look at our first piece of art. We used lots of types of fabric and fibre and laminated it after. We are wonderful artists in first class!

Active Schools Week
Active Schools Week was a huge success! The boys and girls are really understanding the importance of being active on a daily basis. Remember a child needs about 60
minutes of exercise every day so please encourage your child to get this!It is so important that they learn this from a young age and what parents do , children will do!
So many activities were organised and to name but a few, Wake up and shake up, Yoga, Boxercise, Tug of War Tuesday, Active Picnic, Ultimate Frisbee, HIT, Basketball and Sports Fancy Dress Fun Run. We hope everyone had fun!

The Community Police also came to visit us to teach us about safety on the roads if we are walking or cycling to school. 

Islamic Studies

We are always working hard in Islamic Studies for Ustadha Saadia. We are learning so much and love our class.

Quran in 1st class

We have done really well in جزء تبارك. We have learned with  Ustada Seham the Tasfeer for our new lesson. We have memorised itd really well surah المرسلات الإنسان القيامة المدثر المزمل والجن and now we are in Surah المعارج. And In-ShaAllah we are looking forward to completing Juz Tabarak. There are only 3 Sura left for us ton learn.

Arabic in 1st class

We had so much fun with Ustada Seham teaching us Arabic Maths كتاب الرياضيات and reading  كتاب القراءة للغة العربية. We learned to count from 100 to 350 in Arabic and to solve maths problems in Arabic! ! We learned our Arabic dictation إملاء and we learned The Adaab before you eat and the food according to the Sunnah. We learned Adaab before you sleep and going to the Masjid. We learned more about our family members عائلتي and we enjoyed our Arabic movie time.

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