Thursday, 22 June 2017

June News and Pirate Training!

What a fantastic few weeks we have had in 1st class. Lots of work in all curricular areas has been done. Not to mention the wonderful day we had on our school tour in Kippure Estate! Take a look below to see what we have been up to!
Training to be Pirates on our School Tour

Well shiver me timbers mateys, we had an absolutely  fantastic day at Kippure Estate County Wicklow training to be pirates! A huge thank you to all the efforts made dressing up as pirates and huge congratulations to Yusoef who won the prize for best costume! 

We set off quite early and hopped on the bus ready for a day of fun. Our first activity was a Pirate Treasure Hunt. . .

The scenery was beautiful and the midges took a liking to us all too, we must be tasty as they kept following us everywhere! We found the treasure and set off for our next stage of the adventure which was building a pirate shelter! All hands on deck mateys!

I think we would survive in that shelter, don`t you?!
During our adventure Clíona, our guide, was very knowledgeable about all the plants and animals we encountered and even showed us how to de-sting a nettle and eat it! We also got to eat edible leaves and billberries  in the woodland. Clíona kindly made bramble tea for us to drink with our lunch! It really was fun!

The final part of our training was launching bottle rockets! We learned that less water and more air made the bottle fly further into the air as if it is filled too much, gravity pushes it down. 

The weather was gorgeous and we thoroughly enjoyed our day. All the boys and girls passed their pirate training and are all successful pirates now. The boys and girls behaved wonderfully and presented our school so well! Well done 1st class, you are all super!

In other news. . . . . Maths
We had fun learning about time and even got a chance to learn about o clock and half past outside using hula hoops as the face and branches as the hands!

The children worked so hard learning how to rename when adding tens and units up to 99. I am a very proud teacher and all the boys and girls know when to rename. The rhyme we used to help us was 
"Up to 9 , everything`s fine,
10 or more, bring your ten next door!"

History and Science
It was great fun learning about the story of the famous ship that sank, Titanic. The boys and girls were so interested and I am sure you have heard all about it at home! Linking in with learning about the Titanic in History, we also learned about Floating and Sinking in Science and used great investigating skills to do some experiments.

P.E/Active Schools
Students from Riversdale have been doing a Transition Year Sports Leadership Programme for the past number of weeks.
 This is part of an initiative with Fingal Sports Council.  We are lucky enough to be part of it too. Students from Riversdale school came to visit us to show us some of the skills they have learned and did some P.E activities with every class.It was a great opportunity for the children.

It has been a busy and fun year in First Class, I hope you all enjoyed visiting our blog. It has been a pleasure teaching all the children in First Class. Have a happy and safe summer everyone! 
Miss Lynch